Popolini iobio is a brand from Austria, which began producing washable diapers 20 years ago. Due to the growing heap of disposable diapers, Popolini iobio started looking for alternatives. Popolini started producing washable diapers and accessories such as natural wool fleece. First for personal use, but soon the demand from family and friends came. "Before we knew it, we started our own company," says Popolini. This has expanded successfully over the years. Popolini iobio now has a wide range of products for babies and children.

Iobio is the name of the clothing line of Popolini. This consists of economically priced organic baby clothes made of wool and cotton. Bodies, rompers of wool and silk, wool silk wrappers, wool cardigans, sleeping bags of organic cotton and so on. The clothing is made in Hungary. According to Popolini iobio, clothing is really beautiful when it is clean. With clean Popolini means natural materials, minimal impact on nature and respect for people in the production line. Popolini iobio is GOTS certified which guarantees the use of organic cotton and production in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. Particularly in the cotton industry, a disproportionate amount of pesticide is used to meet industry demand. "For us it is a principle issue that we check for sustainability and authenticity. As a producer, we take our responsibility; we have been Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and GOTS certified since 2007 ".

If we advise customers about natural baby layette, Popolini Iobio baby clothing is always included. Their bodies and cardigans are ideal for your (newborn) babies. Soft, convenient and beautiful. Your child will really enjoy it. But also their washable swim diapers, natural wool fleece, sleeping bags and bandanas are a big asset to the Ziloen assortment.