If you are talking about wool clothing, the Danish brand Joha certainly belongs to the short list. It was founded in 1963 as a producer of wool and cotton underwear and nightwear for babies and children in Scandinavia. Soon the rest of Europe became familiar with this brand and their high quality products. The focus has not changed in all those years. They use the best wool and pay great attention to fit and design. Joha works in their clothing with combinations of wool, silk, cotton and bamboo.
What makes the clothing so special is that you can wash it in your washing machine, and some products even in the dryer. They say about it themselves: "We know how busy parents are nowadays, you always run out of time and stains remain in abundance. The laundry takes a lot of time in the household. We have therefore developed clothing that can be washed in the washing machine and dryer. Follow the instructions on the washing label so that your clothing retains its fit and quality. "

Joha priorities ecologically sound production methods and has the EU ECOLABEL. You can only apply for this certificate if you can demonstrate that your products have been produced in accordance with the strict environmental standards of the EU. In addition, international Woolmark recognizes and certifies all wool products from Joha. This label, issued by The Woolmark Company, guarantees the best quality and purest wool. Recently Joha has been certified with the label 'Animal welfare' with which they demonstrate that animal welfare is of great importance.

We are happy with Joha as part of our webshop. You will find beautiful shirts for ladies and children, jumpsuits, bodies and bonnets with a very sweet lace. The colors are soft and neutral so that they can be combined nicely.