Engel Natur produces beautiful wool clothes for baby, child, men and women. The Engel clothing is sustainable and fair produced from soft organic wool and silk.
Engel Natur was founded in the 60s in Germany. They started producing knitted diapers of bleached cotton. In 1982 they changed to natural cotton and stepped carefully into the world of natural textiles, also with wool. And that proved to be a good step. At present, the Engel Natur collection consists of clothing for babies, children and adults. And we’re happy that Engel is part of our permanent collection.

Engel Natur says: "clothing covers 90 percent of our body and is constantly in contact with our largest and most important organ, the skin. The skin gives us protection, it transmits pain, pressure and temperature and it regulates our overall heat balance. That is why our well-being also depends to a large extent on the nature of our clothing. For this reason, we attach great importance not only to long-term craftsmanship and comfortable cuts, but also to the highest ecological quality. "

In addition to organic cotton (certified organic), Engel uses the finest Merino wool from controlled organic farming (certified organic) and natural Merino wool (certified organic) with silk. All dyes used are free of heavy metals and harmful substances. The whole process of making the fabric goes without chemical finishing and all substances used are biodegradable. Engel uses high quality standards in terms of light fastness, saliva firmness, perspiration color fastness, washing color fastness and shrinkage. In addition, Engel attaches great importance to short transport distances and fair working conditions. All clothing is produced in Germany.

Ziloen has a large collection of Engel for baby, kids, men and women. Choose an Engel coat, sweater, woolen romper, skirt, mittens, booties, leggings, shirt, wool body wrap, pants, box suit or baby blanket.