Disana is one of the bigger collections in our webshop. With their proverb: "Von Anfang an Natur" (freely translated: "From the very beginning") they clarify that their collection grows together with your baby over the years. Most people know Disana from the wool clothing with coats of cooked wool, handy salopettes, beautifully woven leggings and warm sweaters. But they also offer washable nursing pads, diapers and everything else you need for nursing.
Disana makes beautiful wool clothing of high quality. The clothes for babies and children are GOTS certified, sustainable and fair trade produced from soft organic merino wool from South America. The German company offers a perfect newborn starter set of washable nappies, among nappy pants, wool pants, inlays and diapers.
More than thirty years ago Disana was founded by Imma and Dietrich Sautter. They wanted to make baby and children's textiles from only natural materials. What started with washable diapers has grown over the years into a large collection of clothes for babies and children. But the idea and pleasure of working with natural fibers has always remained the same. After all these years it is still a family business, with the second and even third generation coming into the company. They stand together for high quality, beautiful products and cooperate with the customer. And of course we are very happy with that.
The Disana collection always looks cheerful and is characterized by the use of beautiful colors and firm materials. Whether you like soft colors, or bright colors. From soft baby jumpsuits to thick overalls so your little one can play outside without getting cold. Disana has it. Choose a jacket, sweater, salopette, skirt, coat, sleeping bag, mittens, booties, leggings, blanket, pillow, outdoor jacket, washable nursing pads or a lanolin wool treatment.