Cosilana is known for its beautiful basics for babies, kids and women. It’s because of the rompers, pants, shirts and bonnets in those recognizable cheerful fresh colors. Brown, blue, green, purple, pink, orange, red, beige and natural. Often with white stripes but also available in a solid color or a melange.
Cosilana chooses only to work with natural materials. The clothing is made from certified organic merino wool, certified organic cotton and/or silk. These materials are used both separately and in a mix in the clothes. For example, you can choose a romper made of wool, wool silk and wool / silk / cotton. The clothes are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which guarantees the use of organic fabrics produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner. Processing of k.b.T wool also takes place without synthetic or chemical treatments. The production of the materials and the clothes is ecological and fair.
Cosilana: "We have the future of new generations in our hands. By producing in an environmentally friendly way we can improve the quality of life. "
The collection of Cosilana consists of much more than just baby clothing. In addition to the underclothes for babies, Cosilana also has underwear for children and woolen basics for women and men. There’s also a line of outdoor clothing for babies and children. It contains soft overalls, jackets, pants, hats and booties of wool fleece.
Ziloen has a large part of the Cosilana collection in the webshop. Are you looking for a specific item that we do not offer in the webshop? Please let us know.

Cosilana good for humans, animals and the environment.

What about animal welfare? The merino virgin wool that Cosilana uses comes from farms in South America that work according to the guidelines of organic farming. This means, no mulesing. The animals live in harmony with nature.