Baby Body Wool/Silk/Cotton Striped - grey/pink

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Cosilana Organic Body of Wool, Silk & Cotton Grey Pink Striped

Cosilana bodies in pastel colors made of certified organic wool. The fabric is very soft and lightweight. Wool keeps us warm and saves 1/3 humidity up to its own weight without feeling wet. Silk is smooth and soft and gives our skin a feeling of well-being. Cotton stabilizes the garment and is highly tolerated by people suffering from allergies.
The romper is very easy to put on and off. It can be opened at the shoulders (schlupf body), so you don’t necessarily need to pull it over your baby’s head. It can be pulled off from the shoulders down.

Cosilana organic body of wool, silk & cotton:
– Made of 35% organic wool, 20% organic silk and 45% organic cotton
– Temperature regulating
– Toxic free & fair trade
– Machine washable

The Cosilana romper falls to regular sizes. To choose the right size you can compare it with a piece of clothing already in use by your baby.

Washing instructions
You don’t need to wash wool very often. Wool wax in the wool fiber is water and dirt repellent and the natural lanoline content acts antibacterially. The garment can be cleaned by hand in cold or lukewarm water. Avoid temperature fluctuations of the water, nor wring or rub to prevent shrinkage and fouling. Caution: do not use chemical detergent but eco wool shampoo that keeps the wool fiber and wax intact. This special wool, silk and cotton yarn mix may be washed in the machine. We strongly recommend to use gentle cycle and wool program!

The organic bodies of wool, silk and cotton are available in mixed colors: blue (blau meliert), pink (uni pink meliert), green (grün meliert), natural (naturel), brown (uni braun meliert) and purple (uni pflaume meliert).